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Love credit cards,
but tired of overspending?

Meet Otto.

The app that uses credit cards to help you spend smarter and SAVE MONEY!


Why Otto?

The problem with credit cards is that they separate your spending from your money.

Otto brings them together.

Otto looks and feels like your bank, only better.


Otto combines your credit card spending with your bank balance and shows you exactly how much money you have available to spend.

The secret to your financial success

Otto sets aside the money you've spent, in a virtual 'Credit Card Payoff Account.'

No more stressing or guessing.

With Otto, your credit card payments are covered.

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The TRUE VIEW of your money

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When you use credit cards, looking at your bank balance doesn't give you the full picture.


Otto shows you the TRUE VIEW - how much money you really have available, and what it's for.

Spend smarter and SAVE MONEY!

Stop checking your bank  balance.

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Start checking Otto instead!

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What people are saying

Happy Otto user.

I'm saving money!

"Otto is quick and easy.  It's hardly any work at all.  And it's so accurate! I finally feel in control of my credit card spending!"

- Chloe

Happy Otto user.

Working together

"Otto has made using our credit cards a positive experience! Otto is simple, and it actually works!  We never thought we could save so much money."

- Paul and Emily

Happy Otto user.

Life changing

"Otto allows me to be in control of where my money goes each month. It is so liberating and gives me greater confidence.  I would highly recommend Otto."

- Stuart

*No payment information required.


Otto makes it easy

No switching banks!


Otto works with your existing bank and credit cards. 


Simply link your financial institutions and Otto will do the rest.

After your free trial, Otto is just $7.99 per month or $87.89 per year. 

Otto pays for itself...
We guarantee it!

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If, after using Otto for two months, you have not saved more than twice the cost of a monthly subscription, we will give you your money back.

Start saving money today!

*No payment information required.

With Otto, your data is safe and secure.
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Your security is our highest priority

We spare no expense ensuring that your data is safe.

  • Otto was developed and is maintained right here in the USA​.

  • We use the highest bank-level encryption standards.

  • ​All information obtained is in an encrypted, read-only format.

  • ​No one can move or access your money using Otto.

Otto uses Finicity, a division of Mastercard, to securely link to your financial institutions. 

Get Started!

See for yourself how easy it is!

*No payment information required.

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