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Account Schedules

Account Schedules help you organize your income

  • You can access your Account Schedules by clicking on the colored calendar icons on the Accounts page, the Dashboard and on the Organize page.

  • On the Bills Account Schedule you can indicate if you plan to organize your income once or twice a month. ​  This choice will cary over on all of your account schedules.​​​​

  • To add an item, click Add schedule item and enter a name or a description.

  • Enter the amount of the item.

  • For the frequency,  you can choose, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, or Target Date.

    • If you choose Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly, you can add an approximate due date of the bill. 

    • If you choose Target Date, Otto will use your approximate due date in its schedule calculation.​

Otto uses the information you enter to calculate each account's Schedule amount (or the amount you need to allocate to this account each time you organize your money). The Schedule amounts show up in gray in the entry fields on the Organize page.  

**If desired,  you can use the check boxes to select the items you would like to include in the Schedule amount. This can be helpful when you are getting started to make sure you have enough money in your sub-account(s) to get you through to the first time you plan to organize your income. 

A few example Account Schedules shown below.​​​

how it works account schedule.png
Spending account schedule.png
Vacation Account Schedulle.png
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