Accounts page

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Linking your accounts and credit cards to the app

  • Click the “Link accounts and credit card” and follow the instructions to securely link your bank account(s) and credit cards to the app.

  • Link your bank accounts and credit cards to Otto.

  • You will not need to link your debt or investment accounts.

  • If you need to link a new account at an already linked institution, you must search for that institution again as if it was not already linked.  As you do this, it will bring in any new accounts and add them to the other accounts you have at the existing institution. 

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Indicate Your Primary Checking Account

  • Once you've connected your checking account, choose Primary Checking as its purpose. When you do, four set sub-accounts are automatically created for you.  

    • Bills Account (for paying bills).

    • Spending Account (for necessary spending).

    • Income Account (money coming in will be moved into this sub-account for organizing).

    • Credit Card Payoff Account (to hold the money you have spent so it’s ready to make your credit card payments).

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Indicate your Credit Cards

  • Otto allows you to use multiple credit cards and brings all of your charges together in one place. 

  • For each card, choose the purpose of Credit Card

  • Label each card for easy identification. 

  • Once connected, Otto brings in all future transactions and lists them on the Credit Card page.  To give you a fresh start, Otto does not bring in past charges.

  • If your credit limit does not automatically come in, you can click the vertical ellipsis button, then click on Edit information and add your credit limit. 

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Indicate Your Primary Savings

  • Once you’ve connected your savings account, choose Primary Savings as its purpose. Two sub-accounts are automatically created.  The purpose of both of these sub-accounts is Spending or savings. 

  • Name each sub-account based on how you plan to use it.

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Add additional sub-accounts

  • Click Add sub-account to further organize your spending and/or savings. 

    • The purpose of additional sub-accounts is always Spending or savings. 

  • Name your additional sub-accounts based on how you plan to use them.

  • Click on the colored icon to change its color.

  • To edit your sub-balances, click Edit sub-balances.  The main sub-balance cannot be edited, but is adjusted based on the balances of the other sub-accounts.

    • Please use caution when editing the sub-balances in your Primary Checking to make sure your bills and credit card charges are covered. 

  • You can also move money between your sub-accounts on the Dashboard.

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Additional Accounts And Features

  • If desired, you can link additional checking and savings accounts.  Link the account and then choose the purpose of Spending or saving.  Label your accounts for easy identification.  When organizing or assigning charges to these individual accounts, Otto will calculate the money you need to transfer into or out of each account when you organize your money.

  • If you do not want a linked account to show up on the app, you can choose None for the purpose of this account. 

    • The account will remain linked, but none of its information will show up on the app.

    • If you currently have credit card charges assigned to an account, choosing none, will un-assign these charges.  

  • You can change the name of a linked account or the credit limit of a credit card by clicking the vertical ellipsis button next to the linked account and choosing Edit Information.  

  • To delete a linked account or credit card from the app click the vertical ellipsis button next to the account.  Select Delete Account and follow the directions. 

    • Please delete accounts with great caution as it will delete all past information associated with the account from the reports page of the app as well.

  • If you have an account at an institution that cannot link with the app, or if you simply choose not to link an institution, you may manually add this account.  

    • Click the horizontal ellipsis button at the bottom of the page and click Add Unlinked Account. You can then choose the account's purpose just as you would if it was a linked account.

  • Recent banking transactions may take an hour or so to update on to the app.  If desired you can temporarily override your bank balances by clicking Override balances at the bottom of the accounts page.  This will allow you to manually edit the balances of your bank accounts and credit cards.

    • Your balances will reset the next time you manually refresh your balances or the next time you log into the app.