Grow your financial coaching business with Otto.

Empower your clients to reach their goals with a shared budgeting app.

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Having an accurate pulse on your clients' finances is vital to helping them achieve their financial goals.

As a shared budgeting app:

  • Otto allows you to see your client's bank accounts, credit cards, debts and investments.

  • Otto simplifies the budgeting process in 2 easy steps.

  • Otto enables you to set your clients up for budgeting success, or you can even budget for them. 

  • Otto adapts to each of your clients' unique financial situations.

  • Otto provides built in accountability for you and your clients. 

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One platform, multi-client access

Whether your clients need a little bit of accountability or want you to manage their budget for them, Otto's got you covered.


Easily switch between and manage all of your clients' budgets in one place. 

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Why Otto?

Otto gives you real-time access to your client's financial information so you can monitor their progress and help them succeed.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you hoping to establish more long-term client relationships, but only managing to have one-off meetings?

  • Do clients come to you needing help, but have trouble following through on tasks?

  • Have you ever thought, ‘Let me just manage your budget for you’ but want a secure way to do this?

  • Wish you could more efficiently manage your clients and encourage them in reaching their goals?

If any one of these resonate with you, we'd love to show you how Otto can help you improve your business.

With Otto, your data is safe and secure.
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Your security is our highest priority

We spare no expense ensuring your data and your clients' data is safe.

  • Otto was developed and is maintained right here in the USA​.

  • We use the highest bank-level encryption standards.

  • ​All information obtained is in an encrypted, read-only format.

  • ​No one can move or access your money using Otto.

Otto uses Finicity, a division of Mastercard, to securely link to your financial institutions. 

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