We do not want the cost of a subscription to keep anyone from using Otto.
If you cannot afford it, please send us an email during your 30-day FREE trial to apply for a FREE subscription.

Steps to getting a FREE subscription:

  1. Create your account at app.ottosave.com.

  2. Set up and start using Otto. 

  3. Enter your billing information on the settings page (you will not be charged)*.

  4. Fill out and submit the form below.

  5. We will send you a code for a FREE six-month subscription to Otto.*

Thank you! Your application has been submited.

*Our hope is that at the end of six months you will, with the help of Otto, be able to afford a subscription.  At this point you will begin to be charged for a monthly subscription.  If at the end of six months you are still unable to afford a subscription, you can reapply for an additional FREE six-month subscription.  

Apply for a FREE subscription