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"Holladay Hunt" Organizer Instructions

General Information

The "hunt" is geared towards older children and adults, although younger children will have fun looking for the markers with you.


The "hunt" takes approximately 1 hour to complete by car.

Answer Sheets and Final Destinations

 Before you begin, print off at least one answer sheet to fill in as you hunt.  

The final destination clues are included on the second page of the answer sheet.

There are two options for your final destination.  

Option 1:

Bring your own refreshments.  The final destination will have tables where can sit and eat.

Download PDF of Option 1 Answer Sheet

Option 2:

The final destination will be at a location where you can purchase refreshments for about $3-$5/person.

Download PDF of Option 2 Answer Sheet


Note: Most of the markers are in locations where you can safely park in a lot, or on the side of a road.  The current exceptions to this are Markers #10, #11 and #12.  These are all on Murray Holladay Road.  There is a dirt utility road next to the power plant  where you can park for #10 and #11.  Due to construction, the best place to park to view #12 is in the driveway of the old mall.

Click here for a map

Adapting the hunt for bigger groups

If you are in a bigger group, you can use optional buttons to split up into 5 separate groups. 

Print off enough answer sheets so that each group has at least one. 

When you begin the hunt, have one group click "Start" to begin with Marker #1 and each of the other groups click on one of the other numbered buttons to start with those markers.  On the page for Markers #14 & #15 there is a white button at the bottom of the page that will bring them to Marker #1.  Each group can click the white "Finish" button (at the bottom of the possible finishing pages)  when they have discovered all of the markers.  

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