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Customize the TRUE VIEW

Customize the TRUE VIEW of your money by adding additional virtual accounts to your Primary Checking.

1.  On the Accounts page, under Primary Checking, click Add virtual account.

2.  Label your new accounts based on how you plan to use them, for example Gifts, Clothing, Eating out, Misc., etc.

3.  To change the color of an account icon, simply click on the icon and choose a different color.

Website Instruction Graphics (17).png

When you are finished, head to the Dashboard to move money into your new virtual accounts.

4.  Click Move money in the Available balances panel.

5.  Move money from your Spending Account, into your new virtual account(s).

6.  Enter the desired amount and click Move.

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That's all there is to it!

Your new virtual accounts will now be included when you assign your credit card charges and when you organize your new income.

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