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"I need how many accounts?!"

We know it sounds like a lot, but trust us. Unlike a budget, Otto actually works!  

Otto makes it easy to manage multiple accounts at your bank or credit union so you can stay organized, spend confidently and always know.  

Checking Accounts

Instead of one checking account, Otto uses three checking accounts to separate your income, bills and spending.

Setup guide

  • We recommend having all of your accounts at the same bank or credit union.

  • Choose accounts with low or no minimum balance requirements.

  • Once Otto is set up, organize the current money in your accounts as desired.  

  • Be sure to keep enough money in your Bills Account to cover any upcoming bills.

Manage your money where it is.

After a 30-day FREE trial, Otto is billed monthly at $5.99.

Otto pays for itself, or you can get it for FREE.  Learn more.

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