Transfer page


Transfer page

Transfer your money

Each time you make a plan to organize your income, Otto calculates any transfers you need to make to execute your plan. If you organize your money in one single checking account, you will not need to make any transfers at your bank or credit union. Otto will, however, need to organize the money in your sub-accounts based on your plan. If there are no transfers to make, click the “Organize” button and Otto will organize your money. If you do have transfers to make, log in to your online banking and make the transfer(s) listed. Check the box(es) as you make the transfer(s). As you do this, Otto will organize the money in your sub-account according to your plan. You can hover over the calculator icons to see the transfer calculations.

Your new balances

The lines in this panel represent your current balances and what your new balances will be once you make any transfers and Otto organizes your money. The darker line represents the lesser amount, the lighter line represents the greater amount. Hover over the calculator icons to see these calculations.

Adding a link to your online banking

Click “Open link” in the upper righthand corner of this panel to add or open a link to your online banking. Enter the URL in the space provided.