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Using Otto



Using Otto

Using Otto step 1:  Merge

Otto is designed to be used with credit card spending. You will rarely use a debit card.

Assign your credit card charges

  • Starting today as your credit card charges post, they will automatically upload onto the credit card page.**

  • All you need to do, is drag and drop or select multiple charges and assign them to one of your accounts.

  • As you assign your charges, Otto calculates how much money you still have available to spend or save.

  • Click the dropdown arrow to see the assigned charges. 

**To give you a fresh start, Otto does not bring in past charges when you first link a credit card.  If you would like to upload past charges, click Edit, then click on the gray ellipsis button and select "Upload past charges."  You can then choose the card and date of the charges you would like to upload.

Cover your credit card payments

  • You can reverse out a charge by clicking the drop down arrow and then the reverse arrow.  

  • Click on the "Edit" text button and you can change the description of a charge​, split a charge​ or delete a charge.​

  • As you assign charges, Otto moves the money you've assigned into your Credit Card Payoff Account.

  • When all of your charges assigned there should be enough money in your Credit Card Payoff Account to cover your credit card balances and the "Difference" will be zero.

  • With Otto, when your credit card payments come due, the money is ready to go.

Using Otto step 2:  Organize

Organize your income

  • When money comes into your checking account, Otto moves it into your Income Account. 

  • From there, you can determine how much you need to set aside for bills, and how much you have available to spend or save. 

  • You can use account schedules to help you determine how to organize your income.

    • On your bills account schedule select all of your bills and indicate how often you plan to organize your income.  If you get paid every two weeks, we recommend organizing your income twice a month.  Your schedule amount is the amount you need to set aside for your bills each time you organize your income.

    • If you’ve created an account schedule, the scheduled amount will appear in the entry field in light gray.  Simply click in the box to enter this amount. Now you can now decide how to spend or save the rest of your money.

    • If desired, you can create account schedules for your other accounts, or you can manually enter an amount.

Transfer your money

  • After deciding how to organize all of the money in your Income Account, click Next. 

  • On the Transfer page, Otto calculates any transfers you need to make between your checking and savings accounts.   

  • These transfers are based on your assigned credit card charges and the plan you just made to organize your income. 

  • Go to your online banking.  If desired you can create and open a link to your online banking.

  • Check the box(es) as you transfer the money at your bank or credit union, and Otto will finish organizing your money.

  • If you do not need to make any transfers, Otto will display an "Organize" button.  Simply click the button and Otto will finish organizing your money.