Easier than a budget.

When it's all mixed up together, money can be complicated and confusing.

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Otto is simple and stress-free.

*Otto is a credit card focused app designed for people who pay off their credit card balances each month.

With Otto, you always know how much money you have, and what it's for.

Otto manages your money and your credit card spending together in one app.

Otto is easy


Organizes your money.

Otto sits on top of your bank account and organizes the balance in sub-accounts based on how you plan to use your money.


Keeps your money organized in real-time.

Otto merges your credit card spending with your organized money.  Each charge is assigned to one of your sub-accounts, so you can easily see how much money you still have available.

Otto saves you money


Earn rewards

Safely earn credit card rewards and put hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars back into your pocket each year.


Build your credit score

With a better credit score, you can save thousands of dollars over the course of a loan.


Spend smarter

On average, our users easily save over a thousand dollars each year.  You can too!

Otto saves you time


Staying on top of your finances with Otto only takes about 20 minutes each month!


Say good-bye to complicated spreadsheets and confusing categories.


Otto is designed to keep you going month after month.  No motivation required.

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Otto is safe

With Otto, your data is safe and secure.
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Your security is our highest priority.

We spare no expense ensuring that your data is safe.

  • Otto was developed and is maintained right here in the USA​.

  • We use the highest bank-level encryption standards.

  • ​All information obtained is in a read-only format.

  • ​No one can move or access your money using Otto.

Otto uses Finicity, a division of Mastercard and one of the top Import Providers in the nation, to securely link to your financial institutions. Learn more.

Feel the freedom!

Happy Otto user.

I'm finally in control

"Otto is quick and easy.  It takes me just a few minutes each month.  And it's so accurate! I finally feel in control and empowered about my money."

- Chloe

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Working together

"Otto has made using our credit cards a positive experience! Otto's system is simple, and it actually works!  We never thought we would feel so much peace about our finances."

- Paul and Emily

Happy Otto user.

Life changing

"Otto allows me to be in control of where my money goes each month. It is so liberating and gives me greater confidence.  I would highly recommend Otto."

- Stuart

Otto pays for itself, or it's FREE!*


$ 5.99  

Billed monthly


$ 65.89  

Billed annually
Get one month free!

Save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year. *Learn more.