Simplify your money with Otto

Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and endless categories.

In just two easy steps, Otto puts you in control of your finances.

Step 1: 

Organize your income

Each time you receive income, Otto helps you organize this money into separate checking accounts based on your bills and necessary spending.

Additional money can be organized into savings accounts, dedicated to the things that matter most to you.  Spend this money, or watch it grow.

Account Schedules 

Stay organized with account schedules that can include lists of bills, spending estimates or savings goals for each account.

Step 2: 

Assign your credit card charges

As you spend, Otto uploads your credit card charges. All you have to do is decide which account will cover each charge. Once the charge is assigned, Otto calculates how much money you still have available.   

Credit Card Tracker

Never miss a payment or worry about slipping into debt again.  Otto sets aside the money needed to pay your credit card bills.

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With Otto, you always know.

After a 30-day FREE trial, Otto is billed monthly at $5.99.

Otto pays for itself, or you can get it for FREE.  Learn more.