Quick. Sustainable. Stress-free. 

Otto's unique system is designed to  keep you going month to month.  No motivation required. 

See how Otto works 



Otto helps you organizes your income into separate bank accounts based on your bills, spending, and savings goals. Otto makes it easy to see where your money is, and what it's for. 



Otto allows you to seamlessly merge your credit card charges with your bank balances as you spend. All you have to do is decide which account will cover each charge. 



Based on your credit card charges, Otto calculates how much money is  available in each of your accounts. Otto makes it easy to track your spending and see exactly how much money you have available. 

Why Otto works 

Your money is truly organized, not just categorized.




  • Your money is mixed up together.  

  • You have to guess what you will earn and spend.

  • Shows where you have overspent.  

  • If you under-spend, you don't know where the extra money is.

Your money is physically separated. 

No more guessing. You know exactly how much money you earn and spend. 

Keeps you from overspending. 

If you under-spend, the extra money rolls over and can be spent at a later time. 

  • Focuses on the past. Shows you how much you spent and the category it goes into.

Focuses on the present. Shows exactly how much money you have available in each of your accounts.

Simplify your finances with Otto.