Managing credit cards

Lesson 2:

With your money all mixed up together, it’s nearly impossible to know how much money you have and what it’s for.  Otto organizes your money in sub-accounts, then merges it with your credit card spending to keep your money organized in real-time.

We recommend getting started on a laptop or desktop.
Estimated time: 10 - 20 minutes.

 Step 1:

 Assigning your recent credit card charges

  1. Go to the Credit Card page.

    • ​All of your recent charges will be uploaded here.

    • Even if you have multiple credit cards, Otto brings all of your charges together in one app.

  2. Drag and drop, or select a charge and assign it to the account that will cover that charge.

    • As you assign your credit card charges, Otto

      1. calculates how much money you still have available in that sub-account and

      2. moves the money you have spent into your Credit Card Payoff Account.

  • Click Edit to split an unassigned charge so you can assign it to multiple accounts.

  • Click Edit  to edit the description of an unassigned charge for easier identification.

  • Click on the colored triangles to see the charges that have been assigned to an account.

  • Click the reverse arrow if you would like to reverse out an assigned charge. 

 Step 2:

Using your Credit Card Tracker

  • The Credit Card Tracker makes sure you always have enough money in your Credit Card Payoff Account to cover your credit card balance(s).

  • The bar underneath the credit card monitors your credit utilization (the percent used of your credit limit).  Watching this bar helps you keep your credit utilization below below 30% to maintain your credit score, or below 10% to build your credit score.

  • Once all of your credit card charges have been assigned, the Difference between the balances of your your credit card(s) and your Credit Card Payoff Account should always be zero.

  • When you first get started, if you have assigned all of your recent charges and there is still a difference, the Difference represents past credit card charges that you will need to pay off.  Learn more.​​​​


Credit Card Tracker.png

Step 3:

Making your credit card payments

  • With Otto, you will always have enough money set aside in your Credit Card Payoff Account (a sub-account of your Primary Checking account) to make your credit card payments.  

    • Make your credit card payments manually, or set up automatic payments for the statement balance.​

  • When your credit card payments post, they will automatically be assigned to your Credit Card Payoff Account.

    • Negative transactions such as returns and cash back rewards will also automatically be assigned to your Credit Card Payoff Account.  If you wish to assign a return or cash back reward to one of your other sub-accounts, you can reverse it out and re-assign it.  ​

As you can see, keeping your money organized in real-time is easy with Otto!  Continue using your credit card to spend your money.   We recommend you log into Otto once or twice a week to assign your most recent charges. 


Come back for lesson three once your next paycheck comes in and you will learn how to organize your income and customize Otto to meet your needs.