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Share Access

Otto is uniquely designed to show you the TRUE VIEW of your money.  To help you get started, Otto allows you to share access to your account with a financial professional who can help you set up Otto and stay on course, as you begin your new financial journey.

Step 1:  Share access to your account

On the User Access page you, as the Owner of your account, can share access with another person, as the account Manager.  A Manager is given access to all account features, with the following exceptions:  They cannot add or delete financial institutions.  And they do not have access to your Settings page or any of its functions.
Important note: Otto gives access to information only. No one, including you, the Owner, can access the money at a financial institution using Otto.

1.  Go the the Settings page.

2.  In the upper right hand corner, click on User Access.

3. Enter the name and email address of the person you would like to share access with.

4. Click the Invite button.

Setup Instructions (1).png

An email will now be sent to this person inviting them to share access to your account.  Once this person has accepted your invitation, they will be given access to your account. You can click the trash can icon at any time to revoke access to your account.

Step 2:  Securely link your Financial Institutions

For security purposes only you, as the account Owner, can link Financial Institutions to your account.

1.  Go the the Accounts page.

2.  Click on the Link accounts and credit cards button.

3. Follow the prompts until you have linked your bank accounts and credit cards to Otto.

Setup Instructions.png

Once your financial institutions are linked, your account is ready to be set up.

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