Organize page

  • Otto watches for money coming into your Primary Checking and moves it into your Income Account.

  • You can use Account Schedules to help you decide how to organize your income.  

  • If you have an Account Schedule, the scheduled amount shows in light gray in the entry field.

  • Click in the box to enter the schedule amount or manually enter an amount.​

  • As you enter an amount, Otto calculates your new available balances.  Hover over the calculator icons or click on the pie chart to see these calculations.

  • When you have decided how to organize your income, click Next.

Suggested percentages for organizing your income

  • Everyone's situation is unique.  But to get started we recommend the following percentages as a guide to help you organize your income:

    • Bills - 40-60% 

    • Spending - 10-20%

    • Gifts - 2-5%

    • Dining - 1-3%

    • Clothing - 2-5%

    • Vacations - 5-10%

    • Home Improvement - 5-10%

    • Medical Saving (have enough in this account to cover your deductible and copays)

  • Note: These are only recommendations.  Your actual percentages will vary based on your income level and personal preferences.