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  • Otto watches for money coming into your Primary Checking and moves it into your Income Account.

  • You can use Account Schedules to help you decide how to organize your income.  

  • If you have an Account Schedule, the scheduled amount shows in light gray in the entry field.

  • Click in the box to enter the schedule amount or manually enter an amount.​

  • As you enter an amount, Otto calculates your new available balances.  Hover over the calculator icons or click on the pie chart to see these calculations.

  • When you have decided how to organize your income, click Next and this will take you to the Transfer page where you will execute the plan you have just made for organizing your income.

If you are using a credit card that is carrying an outstanding balance​

  • ​If the credit card you are using is carrying a balance, once all of your credit cards are assigned, the Difference represents past credit card charges that you still need to cover. 

  • To cover this outstanding balance we recommend doing the following:

    • Determine how much money you wish to put towards this outstanding balance each time you organize your income. ​​

    • BEFORE you organize your income, on the Dashboard, move this amount from your Income Account into your Credit Card Payoff Account.

    • AFTER you organize your income and make any necessary transfers, make a manual payment to your credit card for the entire amount in your Credit Card Payoff Account.

      • This payment will cover your most recent credit card purchases along with the extra money you are putting towards the outstanding balance.​

Suggested percentages for organizing your income

  • Everyone's situation is unique.  But to get started we recommend the following percentages as a guide to help you organize your income:

    • Bills - 40-60% 

    • Spending - 10-20%

    • Gifts - 2-5%

    • Dining - 1-3%

    • Clothing - 2-5%

    • Vacations - 5-10%

    • Home Improvement - 5-10%

    • Medical Saving (have enough in this account to cover your deductible and copays)

  • Note: These are only recommendations.  Your actual percentages will vary based on your income level and personal preferences.

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