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See how Kate spends her money.

Kate's age range: 45-55. She is married and has no children currently living at home.

As we help people get their finances in order, they often ask us how their bills and spending compare to our other clients'. That is why we decided to ask a few of our clients if they would be willing to anonymously "show us their money."

These are our client's actual screen shots from the app, but we've changed their name to keep it anonymous.

Here is a sneak peek into Kate's financial life:

Before Kate "assigns" her credit card charges (decides which account will cover each charge)

  1. Here Otto has uploaded all of Kate's most recent charges.

  2. On the right you can see her different accounts and their balances.

  3. The Credit Card Tracker makes sure she has enough money set aside to cover her credit card bills.

After Kate assigns her credit card charges.

  1. All of her charges have now been assigned.

  2. Kate's new balances show how much money she still has available in each of her accounts.

  3. The colored triangles indicate that charges are assigned to an account (see below).

  4. As Kate assigns her charges, Otto moves the money she has spent into her Credit Card Payoff Account so it's set aside and ready to go when her credit card bills come due.

  5. The Credit Card Tracker difference is now $0.00. Kate's credit card balance is covered.

Kate's accounts with the assigned charges

Clicking the colored triangle expends the panels, showing all the assigned charges.

1. The Total assigned to each account is shown at the bottom.

2. This is what a return or refund might look like.

3. Clicking on the calculator icon shows how Otto calculates Kate's new available balances.

4. Credit card payments are automatically assigned to the Credit Card Payoff Account.

And there you have it! Another sneak peek into someone else's financial life.

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