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See how Rachel organizes her income.

Rachel's age range: 45-55. She is married and has one child living at home.

As we help people get their finances in order, they often ask us how their bills and spending compare to our other clients'. That is why we decided to ask a few of our clients if they would be willing to anonymously "show us their money."

These are our client's actual screen shots from the app, but we've changed their name to keep it anonymous.

Here is a sneak peek into Rachel's financial life:

Before Rachel organizes her income.

  1. She has $6,648.99 in her Income Account ready to be organized.

  2. Clicking on the colored Calendar Icons opens the Account Schedules. The gray amounts found in the entry boxes correspond to these schedules (see below).

  3. The amounts in the far left column and on the pie chart represent the current balances of her various accounts.

After Rachel organizes her income.

  1. She has organized all of the money in her Income Account.

  2. The amounts in the entry boxes show how she organized her income.

  3. The amounts in the far left column and in the pie chart represent her new balances.

Rachel's "Account Schedules"

The Bills Account Schedule is a list of her bills.

  1. For each bill, Rachel has entered a description, amount, frequency (how often it comes due), and an approximate due date (if applicable).

  2. Rachel has indicated that she plans to organize her money once a month. This decision carries over to all the other account schedules.

  3. Using this information, Otto calculates the Schedule amount, or the amount she needs to set aside in her Bills Account, each time she organizes her income.

  • The Schedule amount appears in grey in the entry boxes on the Organize page (see above).

Rachel has created Account Schedules for some of her other accounts.

  • These schedules are estimates or limits on what she will spend.

  • Schedule amounts appear in gray in the entry field on the Organize page.

Show me the money! Organize your income | Otto.
Show me the money! Organize your income | Otto.

And there you have it, a sneak peak into someone else's financial life!

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