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Setup Instructions

It should take less than 30 minutes to set up Otto.

To make the setup process easier, you will need:
1.  Log in credentials for your bank account(s) and credit card(s)
2.  A list of your bills.

Step 1:  Securely link your Financial Institutions

1.  Go the the Accounts page.

2.  Click on the Link accounts and credit cards button.

3. Follow the prompts until you have linked your bank accounts and credit cards to Otto.

Setup Instructions.png

Step 2:  Set up your credit cards

1.  For your credit card, use the dropdown menu and choose the PurposeCredit card.

  • If you have multiple credit cards, choose the credit card with the smallest outstanding balance and for this one card, choose the Purpose - Credit card.


2.  Label your credit card for easy identification. 

  • If desired, you can change the color of the credit card icon.  Click on  the icon to choose a different color. 

  • For your help and reference, the vertical ellipsis button next to your credit card allows you to:  

    • ​Download past transactions

    • Edit credit card information (including your credit limit, if it did not automatically upload).

    • Delete a credit card 

3.  For all other credit cards that are carrying an outstanding balance, use the dropdown menu and choose the Purpose - None (hidden on app).

  • IMPORTANT: Stop using these cards!  Once they have been completely paid off, you can change their Purpose to Credit card and begin using them with Otto.

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Step 3:  Set up your Primary Checking

Otto uses your main checking account as the hub for organizing your money.  


1.  On the Accounts page, for your main checking account, use the dropdown menu to select Primary Checking as the Purpose.

  • When you do, Otto will create four sub-accounts to help you organize your money:  

  • A Bills Account (for fixed bills)

  • A Spending Account (for necessary spending such as groceries and gas for your car)

  • An Income Account (for collecting your income)

  • A Credit Card Payoff Account (for holding the money you have spent using your credit card)

2.  If desired, you can click Add sub-account and create additional sub-accounts to further organize your money.

  • We recommend using these sub-accounts for shorter term spending such as gifts, clothing, eating out, etc.

  • Label each account based on how you plan to use it.

  • You can change the color of the icon of an account.  Simply click on  the icon and choose a different color.  

  • For your help and reference, the vertical ellipsis button next to your Primary Checking allows you to

    • Download past transactions

    • Edit account information

    • Delete an account


​3. When you are finished setting up your accounts, click Organize in the menu to move to that page.  The Organize page will help you determine how to organize the existing money in your Primary Checking.  

  • The entire balance is currently sitting in your Income Account.

4.   To organize this money, you will first need to determine how much of this money needs to be set aside for bills.  Click on the blue calendar icon to open your Bills Account Schedule and create a list of your bills.

  • For each of your bills, click +Add schedule item and enter the necessary information.  

  • Once you've entered all of your bills, click Save and Otto will sort your bills by their due dates.

5.  Now, use the check boxes on your Bills Account Schedule to select the bills that you need to cover between now and your next paycheck.

  • When you are finished click Close.


​6.  Back on the Organize page, you are now ready to Organize your money.

  • The total amount of the bills you selected will now appear in gray in the Bills Account entry field.  Click in the box to enter this amount

  • Now estimate how much money you will need for necessary spending, such as groceries, household goods and gas for your car, between now and when you get your next paycheck.  Enter this amount in the Spending Account entry field.

  • Enter the desired amounts in the entry fields of your other accounts.  Continue to do this until all of the money in your Income Account is organized.

7.  Once you've decided how to organize your money, click the Next button at the bottom of the page and Otto will take you to the Transfer page to execute your plan.

8.  Because you are organizing the money within your Primary Checking, you can simply click the Organize money button and Otto will organize your money according to the plan you just made.

Website Instruction Graphics (13).png

Your money is now organized and you are all set up! 

Click here for instructions on using Otto in your day-to-day life.

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