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Otto was born out of a frustration that traditional budgeting is too complicated, confusing and time consuming.  We knew there had to be an easier way.  


We experimented with various ideas and ultimately, with the help of an amazing team of developers in Boulder, CO, we created Otto.  All through the development process we asked ourselves, “How can we make this easier?”  With this goal in mind, we have worked tirelessly to make Otto the easiest budgeting app EVER!  We invite you to give Otto a try and discover for yourself how easy it is.  


We are not a big investment funded fin-tech company, but rather a small group of people with a passion for helping others improve their finances.  We are seeking to grow Otto through a grass-roots effort.  If you share our passion for helping people with money, and might be interested in working with us, please reach out, we would love to discuss the possibilities with you.


All the best,

Marilyn Ference

Mark Reese

Co-founders, Otto, LLC


Listen to a Career Chat podcast interview where co-founder Marilyn Ference explains how Otto was started.  

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FEBRUARY 28 ・ S2 E16 ・ 33 MIN 

APP CREATOR: Marilyn Ference

Career Chat